Eat Well - Live Well

Child Nutrition Adult Nutrition

At MBC, we believe that everything you put in your body has an impact on your overall health and well being.

Mary Beth McDonnell is a licensed & credentialed Nutrition Expert who provides evidence-based solutions. Properly balanced and healthy eating habits combined with effective fitness training can positively transform your body, overall health and physical performance, creating real lifestyle changes you can enjoy forever.

Adult Nutrition

We provide individual, personalized nutrition counseling to meet your nutrition and/or medical needs. These sessions include nutritional assessment and help with meal planning and grocery shopping tips as needed.

Adult Coaching

Child Nutrition

We meet with children and their families to come up with a plan that meets the child’s nutrition and/or medical needs and fits in with the family.

Youth Coaching

Corporate Wellness

We provide group and/or individual nutritional counseling sessions to help companies promote healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits for their employees.

Corporate Offerings

Meet Mary Beth, MS, RD, LDN

Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, Founder

I’m a registered dietitian with a Master’s degree in nutrition and 35 years of nutrition counseling experience in a variety of clinical and community settings, including both individual and group sessions. I feel strongly that physical activity plays an important role in your health and well being. I pride myself on being a good listener, and I’ll work with you to develop personalized nutrition plans.